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Providing dream job opportunities

The automotive industry is a global entity and, here at Marc Brunel Recruitment, we have acknowledged that there is a growing market for candidates and clients alike living and working in the USA. Knowing the growth in American manufacturing, passion and value in classic cars and services, the UK-based team has launched in the USA. We are transferring our unparalleled recruitment processes overseas for more efficient communication with USA-based candidates and clients, with increased international partnership opportunities.

As the hub for progressive automotive technology, and as Los Angeles and Silicone Valley lead in electric vehicle design, technology and manufacturing, our branch in California will be kick-started by leading UK-based recruitment consultants. Having honed their skills with a range of renowned classic and collector car firms in the UK, they will create impressive, new opportunities for clients and job seekers in the automotive industry in the USA.


Personalised, quality services

As a specialist recruitment agency in the automotive sector, our mission is to provide personalised, quality services for each individual – candidate or client – and that process will be made simpler and more accessible for US-based companies and individuals, now that we are transferring to California. Ultimately, we want to help our clients fill their vacancies and grow their companies, which is what our Founder and Principal Consultant, Akash Cheeda, always aimed at doing when he established Marc Brunel Recruitment back in 2016.

Providing dream job opportunities for candidates, offering clients the best applicants, and a coherent recruitment process, is what we value most at Marc Brunel Recruitment. Launching in the USA will make this much more efficient going forward, with the ability to reach, and have face-to-face contact with, an international range of candidates and clients, an integral part of our future goals.


Contacting our US team

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Key Sectors We Specialise In

Vehicle Restoration

We're proud to specialise in the classic car restoration sector, covering technical and coachwork roles for an array of clients.

Historic Motorsport

Working with leading clients in the motorsport industry, we cover roles in race preparation, transport, engineering and more.

EV Conversions

We recruit candidates for first-class specialists involved in converting classic cars into zero-emission electric vehicles (EVs).

Car Collections

We are honoured to source and provide candidates to work in managing and maintaining car collections around the world.

USA Branch

From 2022, we will operate recruitment for clients and candidates in California, USA, alongside our UK-based team.


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