Top tips to stand out as a candidate in the automotive industry

Looking for a new job in the automotive industry this year? Read on.

Here at Marc Brunel Recruitment we meet and talk to inspiring candidates on a daily basis. From applicants at the start of their careers to seasoned professionals, we’ve heard all the questions and challenges that people seeking work have. With over ten years’ worth of experience recruiting for some of the automotive industry’s best companies, including historic motorsport firms, bespoke vehicle constructors and electric vehicle (EV) conversion specialists to name a few, we’re in a great position to offer top tips to those looking to work in the industry, and hopefully provide some answers to questions you might have.

  1. First of all, before you do anything else, know what your goal is. This may sound simple, but visualising what you want to do and what type of companies you want to work for is an important step in accomplishing your ideal role in the automotive industry. The more specific you can get the better, as it enables you to narrow down your search and fine-tune your skill set, which leads to higher chances of you landing your dream job. Firms look for applicants with clear objectives and motivation, and by being confident in knowing what you want, you can showcase both of these valuable qualities.


  1. Another crucial tip is to be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses and, where needed, try to improve your skills gap by seeking out information from experts, registering for courses, and ideally practising as much as possible. If doing so is difficult, look to improve transferable skills that round out your CV and put you in a position in which you can more easily learn specific, role-based expertise once you’ve landed your job. Employers look for people that show initiative and are eager to learn because they recognise that, while skills can be taught, not everyone is willing to persevere through the difficulty of acquiring them.


  1. Whether you’re looking for your first job in the automotive sector, or you’re a seasoned professional, networking is a must. Attending events is another great way to move one step closer to obtaining your dream automotive role. In the classic car world especially, events are a great way to build a network and meet people who share the same passion. Additionally, it can form opportunities for you to build knowledge and scope out the current climate of the specific industry in which you are pursuing. While this might not lead to a job directly – although you never know – building a network and seeking out more knowledge will ultimately put you in a better position to find a job and stand out as a candidate in the automotive industry during the application process.


  1. Becoming familiar with the current landscape of the automotive industry and seeking out trends in the market is essential, with it not only offering you insights into your position as an applicant but also helping you with the trajectory of your career. The industry is constantly changing and, while automotive vacancies have started to fall again after record-high levels, the need for highly skilled, motivated workers portrays a prime opportunity for candidates to land their dream roles.


  1. Depending on what role and sector you want to apply for, keeping an eye on changes in the industry can also show you which skills you might need to learn or brush up on. The longevity and security of your position in the market can depend on it, so it’s as important to keep on top of new technologies being introduced to the market as those existing, traditional techniques. Knowing that a career is a journey with no clear finish line is also something to keep in mind. The industry, people and dreams are constantly evolving, and having the adaptability to be dynamic alongside the changes in the landscape is an incredibly useful trait.


  1. Finally, know that we, at Marc Brunel Recruitment, are here to support you every step of the way. We know how difficult the job search can be and how having someone to support and help you throughout your journey can be incredibly fundamental to your success. Our passion is to match aspiring candidates with the jobs they’ve always dreamt of, and we go above and beyond to find the best fit. Whether it’s with us, or another partner, find a recruiter you can trust and call on.

If this has been helpful, or you’d like to look at a job in the automotive industry, send us your CV at, or visit our Candidates page to see the selection of job roles available and a detailed overview of the process we guide you with throughout your search. Our contact lines are open, and you can reach us on either
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– Akash Cheeda

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