Naughty or nice? Our Christmas wish list in life-size car form


As Christmas approaches and piggy banks are cracked open to buy presents for all the good children, we decided to take a look at some grown-up toys that have made our Christmas wish list this year. Gone are the days of the Scalextric models of our youth, we are all grown up and ready to play with some of the best re-engineered and reimagined classic cars we’ve had our eye on. So let’s take a look at what has made the nice list.

Starting with the David Brown Automotive Mini Oselli edition. Created to celebrate 60 years since the first Mini rolled off the factory line and limited to just 60 vehicles, this mighty, yet mini beast is a fantastic all-rounder car that sits at home both on the road and racetrack. Packing an all mighty 1,450 cc engine unit, developed by Oselli Engineering, this limited edition Mini Oselli Edition punches a whopping 125 bhp — 70 per cent more than David Brown Automotive’s standard Mini Remastered engine. As a limited edition, we don’t think it will fit in our Christmas stocking this year, but there’s always next year…

If pre-war Bentley and Rolls-Royce vehicles are your thing, (and let’s face it, who doesn’t love them) Fiennes Classics is the company for you. The UK-based classic Bentley and Rolls-Royce specialist is world-renowned for its restoration services for all pre-war marques and its showroom in the Cotswolds is enviable for all classic car collectors. It’s a website we continue to scope out, just in case something in our price range becomes available in time for Christmas. Santa, you know where to find our new offices.

This year saw the reveal of the long-awaited GTO Engineering California Spyder Revival. It is nothing short of perfection, to the untrained eye it is a California Spyder, without the multi-million price tag. The unrivalled Ferrari specialist has once again created a stunning reinterpretation of one of the most iconic cars to ever leave the gates at Maranello, as part of its Revival series, including the 250 SWB Revival and 250 TR Revival. Would it be greedy of us to add all three to our wish list?

As the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expansion kicked in a few months ago, many classic car owners and enthusiasts were worried that they would no longer be able to drive in parts of London without being charged £12.50 a day. However, a number of UK-based companies have found clever ways to get around this, including classic Range Rover specialists, Kingsley Cars. Its Kingsley ULEZ Reborn Range Rover Classic is just the answer for city-dwelling, classic car lovers, thanks to its re-engineered ULEZ compliant engine. All classic Range Rovers

(pre-1981) are able to be restored and are classed as historical vehicles, exempt from the charge. Thank you Kingsley Cars, you are top of the nice list in our book!

An alternative method to beat the ULEZ charge is by electrifying classic cars. Enter Lunaz Design. With the hotly anticipated James Bond film, No Time To Die hitting cinemas a few months ago, Lunaz Design announced its latest model as part of its electrification series, the Aston Martin DB6. We don’t think anyone could contain themselves if they unwrapped this on Christmas morning, not even Bond himself.

And finally, after its recent rebrand, we’d love to see the new Tuthill Porsche logo on our Christmas presents. From the Singer ACS to the classic and original air-cooled restorations and modified 911s, we’d be pleased with any from Richard and his talented team.

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– Akash Cheeda

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