How Covid has created a wave of career changes


It’s been a year of ups and downs, particularly in the job market. Many of us have had to reflect on a tumultuous year and swallow perhaps a few hard pills, what with furlough and unfortunately many businesses having to let go members of staff. However, many have made the brave decision to retrain or even change careers and industries entirely. The automotive industry being one, in particular classic car specialists.

A trend that has been seen by Europe’s leading website for classic car sales, Car & Classic, shows that one of the impacts of Covid-19 is that searches for classic cars has increased. In July 2020, Car & Classic launched its stand-alone auction site as a direct result from the changing market due to Covid-19, where the demand for online-only classic car sales grew exponentially. I guess you could say the silver lining from this pandemic has been that many of us are making grander purchases, like a classic car, as the money we would have saved for a lovely holiday is in threat of not happening. Enthusiasts would much rather be able to spend their hard-earned money on things they can actually enjoy at home on a day-to-day basis, like a classic car. As an example, the Porsche 911 is currently the most searched for vehicle on Car & Classic, closely followed by the Jaguar E-Type.

Now that the economy is getting back to where it was pre-pandemic, an increasing number automotive specialist companies are looking to hire new mechanics. However, if so many have retrained, left the industry or even gone into early retirement, where do we find the right people for the job? Well, the good news is that this behaviour of people retraining and picking up a new skill set is not limited to the automotive sector, it’s been the case for a number of industries. So, for every classic car mechanic who has decided to lay down their toolbox during the pandemic, a welder, carpenter or even a milkman has picked up theirs. In one of our previous blogs we delved deeper into the next generation of classic car mechanics. Thankfully since lockdown has come to an end, these students have been able to continue their apprenticeships and a new year of graduates will be entering the workforce soon.

For all those who have bought classic cars that need a little TLC during the pandemic, help will not be far away. That being said, the industry is still getting back on its feet and there are plenty of specialist restoration companies that have gaps in their skill sets and are looking to fill them. If you have picked up a niche skill or are looking to change industries and follow your passion for classic car restoration, get in touch with us at Marc Brunel Recruitment and see how we can help you in your search for your next career venture.

-Akash Cheeda

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